When Arnould and Thompson (2005) originally introduced the disciplinary label ‘Consumer Culture Theory’ (CCT), they sought to consolidate a diversity of interpretive and culturally-oriented consumer research streams under a unified banner. Prior to 2005, cultural consumer research in the marketing discipline was often loosely parsed out in terms of methodology, theoretical orientation or topic. In coining the label ‘CCT’, Arnould and Thompson (2005) hoped to articulate the field through a heuristic framework that would not only help newcomers map this fragmented terrain of research, but also serve as a brand that could spread and legitimize the field outside of the marketing discipline. Now, after over a decade of heated debate over the viability of CCT, Arnould and Thompson, (2018) dispel their critics’ doubts, demonstrating both the practical and theoretical value of their consolidation in this new edited collection.
JONES, H. (2022). Book Review: Consumer Culture Theory. Journal of Consumer Culture, 22(2), pp. 571-576.