A simple marketing type model is the reference model to assess the REBUS-PLS capability to identify a priori unknown (latent) classes of units. Two latent classes showing different local models are supposed to exist. Each one is composed of 200 units. Four different situations are investigated: i.e. when the unobserved heterogeneity is focused only on the structural model, when it concerns only the measurement model, when units are heterogeneous as regards both the structural and the measurement models, and when the data are homogeneous as regards the model parameters. REBUS-PLS algorithm has shown to be able to detect unobserved heterogeneity not only when it affects the whole model, but also when it focuses only on the structural model or on the measurement model.
TRINCHERA, L. et ESPOSITO VINZI, V. (2008). Assessing the Performance of REBUS-PLS for Latent Class Identification in PLS Path Modeling: a Simulation Study. Dans: XLIV Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society.