Working Papers

Sexualités & mondialisation : Prendre son temps aujourd’hui

The main aim of Renaissance humanism is to free humanity from the chains of Nature (in the West: Greek or Pagan thought) and God’s Will (e.g. Judaism, Christianity, or Islam). This liberation implies that man will totally appropriate his environment and subject it to his will and power in a new “virility”, which goes far beyond masculine and feminine sexuality-based orientations: this is both an advantage and a challenge to the ancient understandings of major and minor human, psychological and political issues. First, I present the humanist origins of modern “virility”. Second, masculine and feminine orientations are linked with the evolution of Western Culture (with Paganism and Judaism as the roots of Western history). Third, sexuality is understood through a fundamental examination of its relationship to time.
BIBARD, L. (2007). Sexualités & mondialisation : Prendre son temps aujourd’hui. ESSEC Business School.