Sexualité et Mondialisation

“Sexuality and Globalization” reveals how the interaction between the different sexes increasingly leads to well-documented situations of tension, debate, misunderstanding as well as to reconciliation and cross-fertilization, resulting in gender-related issues and debates that have become central to the human condition. The book outlines why sexuality has been ‘forgotten’, and stresses how revisiting the roots of our sexuality and the evolution of its interaction, is vital for men and women. Doing so, he challenges the reader on the human quest for domination over nature through the development of science and technology, and how in particular in the West, this has led to a deep and unconscious abandonment of the Jewish and Pagan roots of Christianity. Drawing on Straussian and Kojevian interpretations of Western thought and behavior, “Sexuality and Globalization” aims to redefine the respective domains of sexuality in order to facilitate their harmonious, productive coexistence.
BIBARD, L. (2010). Sexualité et Mondialisation. L’Harmattan, 140 pages.