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Revisiting the Classic Tension Between Hierarchy and Freedom

Ancient political philosophy teaches the difference between tyranny and leadership as being a difference between aiming, either at a private, or at a common good (Xenophon, Hiero; cf Plato, Republic). Power, tyranny and private good are contrasted with leadership, real governance and public good. Modern political science, which is the basis on which economics are nowadays understood, is grounded on a specific attention paid to the legitimacy of individual – e.g. private – interest here and now. A relevant understanding of leadership issues related to the rebirth of the notion of common good requires revisiting the tension between ancient political philosophy and modern political science. This renewal must revisit the understanding of male and female leadership roles in education.
BIBARD, L. (2013). Revisiting the Classic Tension Between Hierarchy and Freedom. Dans: Uncertainty, Diversity and the Common Good. 1st ed. Gower, pp. 141-153.