Gestion de la ville et démocratie locale

Public consultation procedures were developed in the 80s in the province of Quebec. Are they reaching their objectives of local democratization and help towards elective representatives’ final decision-making ? Can these procedures be used as models in France ? The public consultation process applied in the city of Montreal’s waste management project is an exemplary case (transparency, independence, pluralism and methodological rigor). The author evaluates this process “from the inside”, using its participants’ experiences. She shows how they take the procedure rules for themselves. It appears that the participants themselves do not want to be involved in a public debate, symbol of democracy. The reader will be able to follow the research process which progressively led to the building of an interpretative model of the consultation process.
DE CARLO, L. (1996). Gestion de la ville et démocratie locale. L’Harmattan, 284 pages.