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Conference Proceedings (2018), 78th Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, Academy of Management, 2018 (1)

WLB and the Family Decision Amongst African Female Migrants


In this paper we use an exploratory, qualitative study of African female migrants’ integration in France to explore the motives of family-planning decision-making in relation to employment and their search of a good Work-life balance (WLB). The life stories of nineteen African female migrants highlight their aspirations to successful socio-professional integration in the country of adoption, versus pressure from the traditions of their country of origin, on their decision to have children. We identify generational differences and note in particular the moderating effect of religion and culture. Qualifications also matter. Five profile types emerge from this exploratory study: the ‘traditionalists’ who conform to religion and customs in their family-planning decision-making; the ‘religious’ who put religion first over cultural considerations; the ‘conservatives’ who act as guardians of traditional cultural values; the ‘liberals’ who have freed themselves from the constraints of both religion and tradition; and the ‘chameleons’ who adopt a situational opportunistic flexibility. We explore the potential implications for themselves and their managers.

RAMBOARISON-LALAO, L., MADANAMOOTHOO, A., CERDIN, J.L. and BREWSTER, C. (2018). WLB and the Family Decision Amongst African Female Migrants. In: 78th Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings. Academy of Management.