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Journal articles (2015), Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 35 (1), pp. 1-16

Volume and Tone of Environmental Disclosure: A Comparative Analysis of a Corporation and its Stakeholders


In this paper, we seek to provide a description of disclosures arising from various stakeholder groups in the social sphere. As such, we extend Rodrigue's article “Contrasting Realities: Corporate Environmental Disclosure and Stakeholder-Released Information” (2014. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal 27 [1]: 119–149) by conducting a case study to examine and compare corporate and stakeholder communications made over a three-year period. We specifically focus on the volume and tone of environmental disclosures. We explore the topics emphasized by each party in their respective disclosures and analyze their tone by categorizing the information as positive, negative or neutral. Through a detailed quantitative analysis, we highlight the differences in how various actors portray the organization and its activities. We argue that this is of relevance since neither corporate nor stakeholder disclosures are merely passive reflections of reality, but rather, they play a part in constructing, forming and legitimating particular discourses and constructions of worldviews within society. Our findings demonstrate how these disclosures differ with regard to the topics covered and the tone used; hence, the stakeholder disclosures we analyzed present an alternative view of the organization’s activities. By systematically analyzing and comparing different parties’ disclosures, we contribute to the literature by extending our understanding of stakeholder information releases in the light of corporate disclosures. Link to the article

RODRIGUE, M., CHO, C.H. and LAINE, M. (2015). Volume and Tone of Environmental Disclosure: A Comparative Analysis of a Corporation and its Stakeholders. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 35(1), pp. 1-16.