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Journal articles (2020), Energy Policy, 143, pp. 111597

Unintended consequences: The snowball effect of energy communities

Abada Ibrahim, Ehrenmann Andreas, XAVIER LAMBIN Xavier LAMBIN

In 2019, the European Commission finalized a legal framework for “Citizens” and “Renewable Energy Communities”, paving the way for their deployment. While the benefits of such communities have been discussed, there is increasing concern that inadequate grid tariffs may lead to excess adoption of such business models. Furthermore, snowball effects may be observed following the effects these communities have on grid tariffs. We show that restraining the study to a simple financial analysis is far from satisfactory. Link to the article

ABADA, I., EHRENMANN, A. and XAVIER LAMBIN, X.L. (2020). Unintended consequences: The snowball effect of energy communities. Energy Policy, 143, pp. 111597.

Keywords : #Energy-communities, #Cooperative-game-theory, #Non, #cooperative-game-theory, #Decentralized-power-production, #Consumer-participation, #Micro, #grids