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Working Papers (1996), ESSEC Business School

Une méthode d'insertion d'objet dans une hiérarchie de généralisation


Shema evolutivity is a major objective in database designing. Generalization hierarchies allow for the definition of new concepts by successive refinement of existing ones. This paper deals with the insertion of a new concept (object, entity, relationship,...) in a generalization hierarchy. This insertion is achieved using the inclusion semantic relations between object structures through a similarity computing process. A prototype called SIAGH was developed to implement the method. A session example with the different insertion cases (Below, Above, Between, Merge, Multiple-neighbour, Simple-neighbour, Cousin). The insertion process respects all the semantic informations of concepts included in the hierarchy.

BENAZET, A., GUEHL, H. and COMYN-WATTIAU, I. (1996). Une méthode d'insertion d'objet dans une hiérarchie de généralisation. ESSEC Business School.