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Journal articles (2006), Les Petites Affiches, pp. 18-21

Un euro ce n'est pas une indemnité commerciale

Criticizes comment of a judgement of the Commercial Court of Paris of February 18, 2005 ruling on the "damage of image" undergone by a company. Damage known as "moral", the damage undergone by a company because of a denigration of its activity is actually a patrimonial damage which one must evaluate according to his loss of earnings or sales turnover future, and not to one euro symbolic system.

HAAS, G. and DE TISSOT, O. (2006). Un euro ce n'est pas une indemnité commerciale. Les Petites Affiches, pp. 18-21.

Keywords : #Entreprises, #Indemnisation-symbolique-:-un-euro, #Préjudice-d'image