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Conference Proceedings (2009), The Mobilware 2009 Workshop Proceedings, Springer

Trends in Mobile Application Development


Major software companies, such as Apple and Google, are disturbing the relatively safe and established actors of the mobile application business. These newcomers have caused significant structural changes by imposing and enforcing their own rules for the future of mobile application development. The implications of these changes do not only concern the mobile network operators and mobile phone manufacturers. This changed environment also brings additional opportunities and constraints for current mobile application developers. Therefore, developers need to assess what their options are and how they can take advantages of these current trends. In this paper, we take a developer's perspective in order to explore how the structural changes will influence the mobile application development markets. Moreover, we discuss what aspects developers need to take into account in order to position themselves within the current trends.

HOLZER, A. and ONDRUS, J. (2009). Trends in Mobile Application Development. In: The Mobilware 2009 Workshop Proceedings. Springer.

Keywords : #Applications-mobiles, #Développement, #Plateformes