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Published cases (2008), ESSEC Business School

Toutatis Sunflower Seeds: farm input distribution strategy


This case features the challenge of marketing new seed varieties for JC Rinac, Sunflower Seed Product Manager at Galix Seeds, one of the top worldwide players in this field. The 'Toutatis' branded new varieties may open the way to the promising and highly praised 'high-oleic' sunflower market for the company, thus, perhaps, addressing a challenging competitive position on the French market. Seeds are distributed through a network of farm input distributors with their own competitive business strategies. Rinac's success will depend on the distribution strategies implemented for each of the new varieties, given the existing product portfolio. Based on a real marketing situation, the case offers a unique opportunity to work on farm input distribution strategy. A complete scenario is provided, with quantitative data and other marketing information on the company, products, competitors and distributors. The major issues on distribution management are covered, as well as the specific features of plant genetic and food chain environment. The current text case comes with a quantitative data set in electronic format aimed at the students to facilitate analysis (Excel format). For the instructor, the case complements include a teaching note and a teaching note supplement (PowerPoint format), with Excel document backup. This case is the fourth in a series of five case studies on agri-food business-to-business marketing co-authored by Prof Faucher and corporate executives, being published at ecch since 2005 (see Buffer BiAc Acidifiers: Competitive Product Positioning, Fruit Prep and Olymp'ia Flavors, B To B Market Segmentation - Parts A and B. Link to the article

FAUCHER, H. (2008). Toutatis Sunflower Seeds: farm input distribution strategy. ESSEC Business School.

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