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Published cases (2020), ESSEC Business School (ESSEC-G-225)

Tomás Hermanos An overview of Management Control


The case presents a century-old commercial and services company in the agricultural sector in the Buenos Aires province, Argentina. This family owned firm intends to provide a one-stop service to farmers based around the region of Carlos Casares, a countryside area not far from Buenos Aires city. During an in-depth interview, the CEO and main shareholder explains the competitive environment with its opportunities and risks, along with the company's strategy. During this interview, the CEO explain how the company addresses macroeconomic risks (e.g. inflation, exchange rate volatility), which are quite common in Argentina. The CEO also explains in detail how the company makes decisions, takes care of their different stakeholders and prepares itself for the future. The conversation goes on analysing the main elements of the company's piloting system: planning process, main policies and incentive systems. Link to the article

PORDOMINGO, E. and ZICARI, A. (2020). Tomás Hermanos An overview of Management Control. ESSEC Business School.

Keywords : #Brand-portfolio, #Pricing-policy, #Brand-strategy, #Emerging-economy, #Marketing-budget, #Economic-crisis