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Journal articles (2007), Communications of the ACM, pp. 69-74

Time to Rethink Health Care and ICT?


This paper looks at information systems in the context of the healthcare sector. In particular it examines the potential of the UK National Health Service initiative in information systems known as the National Programme for IT (NPfIT). This programme, which is the largest IT investment programme in the world outside of the defense sector, attempts to provide universal cradle-to-grave healthcare for UK citizens. The paper suggests that healthcare, and specifically NPfIT, is different when compared to conventional applications in the public or private sector. First, the high degree of person-to-person contact in healthcare applications presents particular problems. More dramatic, being at national rather than regional or hospital level, the application domain is of a much greater scale. Although these present huge challenges, the potential payoff is exciting.

AVISON, D. and YOUNG, T. (2007). Time to Rethink Health Care and ICT? Communications of the ACM, pp. 69-74.

Keywords : #Echec, #Investissement-informatique, #NPfIT, #Services-de-santé, #Succès