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Journal articles (2023), Accounting Auditing Control

The selection system of complementor startups by a large firm


This research studies the selection control system of startup complementors by a large company. A startup complementor is a young innovative company whose resources and skills allow it to complement the value proposition of a large company in the context of a 2 collaboration. The analysis of a structure, within IBM France, allowing the selection of startup complementors, leads us to characterize the selection control system on 4 components: attraction devices, a process as much bureaucratic as flexible, formal and informal selection criteria and a team of complementary selectors (a genius, a chameleon, an expert and a sponsor). This system is "two-sided", adapted to the large company on the tails side, and to startups on the face side. It appears to meet a need for strategic fit necessary for complementor engagement. This research invites the consideration of strategic fit as a control problem that, like cooperation and coordination problems, must be considered in the development and implementation of the selection control system.

DONADA, C. and NOGATCHEWSKY, G. (2023). The selection system of complementor startups by a large firm. Accounting Auditing Control.

Keywords : #control-systems, #selection, #startups, #complementors, #inter, #organizational