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Book editor (2022), Springer

The Relational View of Economics

BIGGIERO lucio, DE JONGH Derick, PRIDDAT Birger, ZICARI Adrian , WIELAND Josef

This interdisciplinary book series examines recent developments concerning the “relational view” in economics. While the relational research perspective primarily has roots in philosophy, sociology and economic geography, this series offers contributions to the relational view from such diverse fields as institutional and organisational economics, management, organisational theory, and mathematics. Focusing on a relational approach to contracts and governance, leadership, rents, global cooperation, intersectoral cooperation and civil society, the series welcomes theoretical and empirical research on relational structures in market theory, institutional and organisational economics, the resource-based view of the firm, organisational studies, behavioural economics and economic sociology. Within this range of fields, researchers are invited to contribute to the further development of a relational view in economics. Link to the article

BIGGIERO, L. and ZICARI, A. [Eds] (2022). The Relational View of Economics. Cham: Springer.

Keywords : #Network-theory, #Value-creation-in-global-value-chains, #Relational-economics, #Global-intra, #and-inter, #firm-networks, #Global-production-networks, #New-economic-sociology, #Relational-sociology, #Transactions-as-relational-processes, #Relational-contracts