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Published cases (2016), ESSEC Business School

The Iranian Nuclear Negotiations

Kleinfield Samantha, COLSON Aurélien

A multilateral dynamic negotiation based on real events and facts to try and negotiate a solution to a negotiation that in reality failed miserably in 2010. The beauty of the Iranian nuclear issue is that it opens the window on all aspects of diplomacy and power in the 21st century. Link to the article

KLEINFIELD, S. and COLSON, A. (2016). The Iranian Nuclear Negotiations. ESSEC Business School.

Keywords : #A-multilateral-dynamic-negotiation-based-on-real-events-and-facts-to-try-and-negotiate-a-solution-to-a-negotiation-that-in-reality-failed-miserably-in-2010.-The-beauty-of-the-Iranian-nuclear-issue-is-that-it-opens-the-window-on-all-aspects-of-diplomacy-and-power-in-the-21st-century., #International-Negotiations