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Journal articles (2018), Discrete Applied Mathematics, 234, pp. 151-167

The Connected Facility Location Polytope


We analyze the polytope associated with a combinatorial problem that combines the Steiner tree problem and the uncapacitated facility location problem. The problem, called connected facility location problem, is motivated by a real-world application in the design of a telecommunication network, and concerns with deciding the facilities to open, the assignment of customers to open facilities, and the connection of the open facilities through a Steiner tree. Several solution approaches are proposed in the literature, and the contribution of our work is a polyhedral analysis for the problem. We compute the dimension of the polytope, present valid inequalities, and analyze conditions for these inequalities to be facet defining. Some inequalities are taken from the Steiner tree polytope and the uncapacitated facility location polytope. Other inequalities are new. Link to the article

LEITNER, M., LJUBIC, I., SALAZAR-GONZALEZ, J.J. and SINNL, M. (2018). The Connected Facility Location Polytope. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 234, pp. 151-167.

Keywords : #Valid-inequalities, #Facets, #Facility-location, #Steiner-trees