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Journal articles (2005), Marketing Letters, 16 (3/4), pp. 183-196

Statistical Analysis of Choice Experiments and Surveys

MCFADDEN Daniel L. , BEMMAOR Albert C. , CARO Francis G., DOMINITZ Jeff, JUN Byung-Hill, LEWBEL Arthur, MATZKIN Rosa L., MOLINARI Francesca, SCHWARZ Norbert, WILLIS Robert J., WINTER Joachim K.

This article discusses potential sources of errors and biases in survey data. It shows the pervasiveness of these errors, including the answers to questions on age, occupation and the frequency of doctor's visits. The article provides empirical illustrations of these errors and suggests means to capture them. Link to the article

MCFADDEN, D.L., BEMMAOR, A.C., CARO, F.G., DOMINITZ, J., JUN, B.H., LEWBEL, A. ... WINTER, J.K. (2005). Statistical Analysis of Choice Experiments and Surveys. Marketing Letters, 16(3/4), pp. 183-196.

Keywords : #Consumer-surveys, #Survey-response-error, #Hypothetical-choice, #Applied--econometrics