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Book chapters (2016), Organizational Routines, Oxford University Press, pp. 47-70

Re-viewing Routines Theory Through a Pragmatist Lens


The practice-based view that currently dominates the routines literature is based on an ostensive-performative duality. However, from the perspective of process philosophy, this duality, or at least the manner in which it is applied, presents four key obstacles to a more processual theorization of routines. This chapter offers an alternative approach to understanding ordinary everyday actions. The argument provides an account of the social and temporal situatedness of human conduct in terms of the interrelated processes of habit, inquiry and conversational trans-actions.

SIMPSON, B. and LORINO, P. (2016). Re-viewing Routines Theory Through a Pragmatist Lens. In: Organizational Routines. 1st ed. Oxford University Press, pp. 47-70.

Keywords : #Approche-processuelle, #Dewey, #Enquête, #Habitude, #Mead, #Pragmatisme, #Routine, #Transaction