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Press article, video or other popular media (2006), Les Echos, pp. 11

Pour une bonne gouvernance en temps d'OPA

During a hostile take over bid, the question:”what is a good governance and what implies the role of the management” remain. Indeed, there was no real debate on these issues during the adoption of the proposal of directive on TOB (13th). Members States keep an “opting out” and could decide to authorise or not anti take over devices. There is no common sense of what is a company and what its aims. Does it possible to elaborate a european framework on corporate governance issues ?

DE BEAUFORT, V. (2006). Pour une bonne gouvernance en temps d'OPA. Les Echos, pp. 11.

Keywords : #Défense-anti-OPA, #Gouvernance-d'entreprise, #Prises-de-contrôle-européennes