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Journal articles (1994), Décisions Marketing, pp. 7-14

Pour un média-planning promotionnel


Sales promotion operations are usually analysed in the scope of the techniques being used, and their mechanical effects on the target behaviour. But any promotion is always communication, prior to acting out. More and more promotional campaigns are based on heavy mass-media communication : this raises the question of the optimization of media planning applied to campaigns where instead of brand awareness and image, the priority becomes consumer or buyer behaviour. The classical criteria, as target coverage, frequency distribution, cost per thousand and gross rating point are to be taken into account in a quite different way. Furthermore, new criteria as quickness in building target coverage or buying act proximity should be applied. All these classical and new criteria should be very usefully extended to all the "secondary medias" as packaging, P.O.S. material, demonstrators, cash out, mail in offers, etc.

BERNARDET, J.P. and DESMET, P. (1994). Pour un média-planning promotionnel. Décisions Marketing, pp. 7-14.