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Conference Proceedings (2009), IRNOP IX 2009 Berlin Proceedings, ESMT

Organizational Knowledge and the Organization by Projects


The emergence of project-based structures and the resulting questioning of company structure based on centres of competence necessitate a new portrayal of organizational knowledge. Exploring existing definitions of knowledge, this article proposes a typology of the various forms of organizational knowledge encompassed in the concept of Organizational Knowledge Cube and taking into account the horizontal and action oriented dimension of the company structure: the projects. Through of the progressive transformation of the Opera de Paris, the second part of the paper offers a dynamic view of the project competence's development process following the implementation of a project-based organization in the company.

BOURGEON, L. and DEVINNEZ, T.M. (2009). Organizational Knowledge and the Organization by Projects. In: IRNOP IX 2009 Berlin Proceedings. ESMT.

Keywords : #Management-de-projet, #Management-des-connaissances, #Organisation-par-projets, #Savoir-organisationnel