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Journal articles (2020), Energy Journal, 41 (1)

On the Viability of Energy Communities

Abada Ibrahim, Ehrenmann Andreas, XAVIER LAMBIN Xavier LAMBIN

Following the development of decentralized production technologies, energy communities have become a topic of increased interest. While the potential benefits have been described, we use the framework of cooperative game theory to test the ability of such communities to adequately share the gains. Indeed, despite the potential value created by such coalitions, there is no guarantee that they will be viable: a subset of participants may find it profitable to exit the community and create another one of their own.

ABADA, I., EHRENMANN, A. and XAVIER LAMBIN, X.L. (2020). On the Viability of Energy Communities. Energy Journal, 41(1).

Keywords : #Energy-communities, #Cooperative-game-theory, #Decentralized-power-production, #Consumer-participation, #Micro, #grids