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Journal articles (2017), Review of Finance (ex European Finance Review), 21 (2), pp. 761-791

News Dissemination and Investor Attention


We examine how investor attention changes when a firm adopts a modern news dissemination technology. We find that after continental European firms begin using an English-language electronic wire service to disseminate company news, they exhibit a stronger initial reaction to earnings surprises, a lower post earnings announcement stock price drift, and an increase in abnormal trading volume near earnings announcements, compared with when they disseminated their news in non-electronic format and in a continental European language. Our results hold for a sub-sample of firms for which the decision to use a wire service was likely exogenous. The effect of wire services on investor attention is due to the format of news (electronic and English-language), not to the increased speed of news transmission. Link to the article

BOULLAND, R., DEGEORGE, F. and GINGLINGER, E. (2017). News Dissemination and Investor Attention. Review of Finance (ex European Finance Review), 21(2), pp. 761-791.

Keywords : #Behavioral-Asset-Pricing, #Disclosure