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Journal articles (2021), Revue Française de Gestion, 8 (301), pp. 63-75

Métaphores en sciences de gestion – Évolutions et usages


How to study the evolution of metaphors and their use in management science? If the generalization of the use of a metaphor leads to the transformation of the “living” metaphor into a “dead” metaphor, so isn’t every new metaphor doomed to disappear? This dossier contains five articles which contribute, each in their own way, to the debate by providing additional and nuanced insights to the initial question. Beyond that, these contributions show that metaphors are not only used to describe the world of organizations but are sometimes a methodological research tool. Link to the article

CHATELAIN-PONROY , S., DONADA, C. and VIDAL, O. (2021). Métaphores en sciences de gestion - Évolutions et usages. Revue Française de Gestion, 8(301), pp. 63-75.