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Book chapters (2013), Traité de relations internationales, SciencesPo. Les Presses, pp. 1081-1095

L'usage des simulations de négociation

Bilateral and multilateral negotiations are pervasive in International Relations (IR). How to negotiate constitutes also a key task of many actors of/in IR. As a result, the field of negotiation offers a fruitful entry point for the transmission of IR. In this perspective, negotiation simulations prove effective as a pedagogical tool, provided certain conditions are met, and that this chapter reviews.

COLSON, A. (2013). L'usage des simulations de négociation. In: Traité de relations internationales. 1st ed. SciencesPo. Les Presses, pp. 1081-1095.

Keywords : #Formation, #Négociation, #Relations-internationales, #Simulations