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Books (2006), Vuibert

L'Opéra de Paris : Gouverner une grande institution culturelle

This book results from a longitudinal research on the relationships between governance and performances in a great cultural institution: the Paris Opera House. History of the Paris Opera House highlights five successive models of governance since the "royal privilege" allotted to Jean-Baptiste Lully in 1672 until the quasi contract linking Hugues Gall and the ministries of cultural affairs and budget between 1995 and 2004. Performances of the Paris Opera House, attendance and economic control, seem related to the degree of autonomy of the management with respect to the public authorities. As results of these longitudinal analyses, proposals are made to improve the institution's mode of governance in the future. The statistical analyses of the recent past are prolonged by simulation and new strategic prospects are proposed and evaluated.

AGID, P. and TARONDEAU, J.C. (2006). L'Opéra de Paris : Gouverner une grande institution culturelle. Vuibert, 321 pages.

Keywords : #Gouvernance, #Institution-et-politique-culturelle, #Management, #Opéra-de-Paris, #Performances, #Perspectives