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Press article, video or other popular media (2001), La Revue Parlementaire, pp. 16-17

L'immobilier facteur de création de valeur pour l'entreprise


This paper explores the link between corporate real estate strategies and shareholder value management (SVM). SVM forces corporations to increase their profitability through more effective management of their real estate as a major part of overall asset management. However, this necessitates evaluating real estate performance impact on an on-going basis, using a system dynamics approach that treats the interactions of real estate, beyond shareholder value, with the external environment (property market and customer perspective) and with the overall operations of the firm (process and employee perspective).

NAPPI-CHOULET, I. (2001). L'immobilier facteur de création de valeur pour l'entreprise. La Revue Parlementaire, pp. 16-17.