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Book chapters (1993), Les villes, lieux d'Europe, Éditions de l'Aube, pp. 147-178

Les villes en questions


In the first part, the authors show where and how the economic and demographic growth of French cites occurred in the last fifteen years. The reasons for success and failure are analysed, resulting in homogenous categories of cities. In the second part seven main subject areas show likely trends for the next 25 years and explore the risks involved as well as desirable outcomes. This work is based on the result of two years' research into the future of towns done by the DATAR (French Agency for Regional Planning).

SALLEZ, A. and VEROT, P. (1993). Les villes en questions. In: Les villes, lieux d'Europe. 1st ed. Éditions de l'Aube, pp. 147-178.