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Journal articles (2004), Sociétal, pp. 95-100

Les sept paradoxes des écoles de gestion

BASSP O., DORNIER Philippe Pierre , MOUNIER J.P.

The "Grandes Ecoles " in Business Administration have a very good image in France. But they seem not to be well suited to the global competition. Many signs indicate that the situation is critical : few CEO have a degree from these "Grandes Ecoles", poor situation in the international rankings... The reasons have to be found in different ways : degree course specificity compare to the US model, poor empowerment of the alumni and of the companies, bureaucratic governance... But what is the right way for the future : either to copy the American model or to promote an European model?

BASSP, O., DORNIER, P.P. and MOUNIER, J.P. (2004). Les sept paradoxes des écoles de gestion. Sociétal, pp. 95-100.