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Journal articles (2002), Décisions Marketing, pp. 7-16

Les prix en euro : questions, méthodes et premiers résultats

The arrival in France of the euro in 2002, and the withdrawal of the franc, have been anticipated within many companies in all operational areas (payroll, billing and accounting for example). As far as price policy is concerned, the company must determine, beyond the compulsory legal conversion, the prices that will be set in euros, taking into account the consequences in terms of both unitary margin and demand. This article is dealing only with price policy, and puts forward the most important questions, these relate to the effects of the euro and categories of method that could be used to clarify choices, along with the limited number of early results that have been published.

DESMET, P. (2002). Les prix en euro : questions, méthodes et premiers résultats. Décisions Marketing, pp. 7-16.