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Books (2004), PUF

Les décisions financières de l'entreprise. Méthodes et applications

The emphasis of this textbook is on methodology. Methods and theories which constitute the basis for decision making are presented into detail. The book is directed towards the formulation and resolution of practical decision problems. How to choose the level of working capital? What is the sequence of cash flows which should be considered for rational investment decisions in real assets? How to address the questions of cash flow management and capital budgeting? How to account for risk? What is the appropriate financing structure? What are the determinants of mergers and acquisitions decisions? What is a good "corporate governance"?

PORTAIT, R., CHARLETY-LEPERS, P., DUBOIS, D. and NOUBEL, P. (2004). Les décisions financières de l'entreprise. Méthodes et applications. PUF, 604 pages.