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Journal articles (2006), Les Cahiers de l'I.A.U.R.I.F., pp. 91-96

Le management immobilier des grands groupes français

The position of property manager has been developing in firms in recent years under the impulse of the growth of business property markets and of the recent financialisation of the property sector. Professionalisation of property management, accompanied by specialisation of the trades and by the appearance of new management techniques constitutes a major issue or stake due to potential impact on the performance of the firm.

NAPPI-CHOULET, I. (2006). Le management immobilier des grands groupes français. Les Cahiers de l'I.A.U.R.I.F. pp. 91-96.

Keywords : #Immobilier-d'entreprise, #Management-immobilier, #SBF120