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Book chapters (2003), Encyclopédie des Ressources Humaines, Vuibert, pp. 1194-1203

Le management des professionnels de la R&D

The management of R&D professionals poses particular problems. They have specialized skills that they must share within the framework of collective projects where delicate problems of role distribution are to be sorted out. They take part in projects where they must respect politics, rules and procedures while preserving sufficient autonomy to be creative and innovating. They must be honest towards their employer while preserving strong bonds with the external scientific communities. If their professional skills condition the beginning of their career, it is their qualities in communicating and managing that will enable them to enlarge their perimeters of skills and power.

TARONDEAU, J.C. (2003). Le management des professionnels de la R&D. In: Encyclopédie des Ressources Humaines. 1st ed. Vuibert, pp. 1194-1203.