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Journal articles (1992), Gérer et Comprendre, pp. 4-16

Le management "bureauganique" : ou comment réconcilier le clan avec la bureaucratie


Since the second half of the 80s, many management theorists have been criticizing the professional management model and celebrating a more organic management. But evidence accumulated in the recent years shows that organic management is not necessarily better than bureaucratic management. The authors refuse to look at bureaucratic and organic management as mutually exclusive. Bureauganic management means that a long term effective management contains both bureaucratic and organic components, each one equilibrating the negative side effects of the other. A case study illustrates how a bureauganic management may be implemented and how managers can resist the tendency of organizations to generate more and more bureaucracy as they grow.

BOUCHIKHI, H. and KIMBERLY, J. (1992). Le management "bureauganique" : ou comment réconcilier le clan avec la bureaucratie. Gérer et Comprendre, pp. 4-16.