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Journal articles (2011), Mathématiques et Sciences Humaines, 195 (3), pp. 75-85

Le jeu des gladiatores : Un spectacle de qualité


Gladiator games constituted a major element under roman influence, which lingered on until the fourth century AD. The organization of these games was very expensive, and gladiators were to a large extent professionals, trained in gladiator schools. The overall costs were covered by fees paid by the Roman Magistrates who organized these shows. In order to attract them, the quality of the show was essential. From this point of view, the key person in the process of preparation of the show was the President who was granted the right to decide over life and death of the defeated gladiator. The judge’s strategy had a major impact on the quality of the show. Link to the article

BALLET, J., BAZIN, D. and VRANCEANU, R. (2011). Le jeu des gladiatores : Un spectacle de qualité. Mathématiques et Sciences Humaines, 195(3), pp. 75-85.

Keywords : #Arbitrage, #Économie-du-sport, #Gladiature, #Qualité-du-spectacle