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Working Papers (1997), ESSEC Business School

La reconfiguration des processus inter-organisationnels

The famous cases of business process reengineering mainly consist of processes occuring inside organizations. This paper describes a step forward in the reengineering of inter-organizational processes. Our approach borrows from systemic concepts and information system modeling tools. Systemic concepts enable us to identify the limits of the process. The definition of such borders allows us either to include or to exclude parts of the process. The contribution of information systems lies mainly in the conceptual design of processes. Using workflow concepts, we propose a modelling of the process in terms of component tasks. The approach is illustrated via a real case study concerning several organizations linked together by a global process.

AKOKA, J., BRIOLAT, D. and COMYN-WATTIAU, I. (1997). La reconfiguration des processus inter-organisationnels. ESSEC Business School.