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Press article, video or other popular media (2008), Les Echos, pp. 6-7

La création d'entreprise pour briser le plafond de verre

Even it is not so easy to have statistics by gender, it is clear that female entrepreneurship has assumed growing importance but remains insufficiently-exploited as a source of economic growth. Women create their own position so that they can balance their working ean family lives with the drive to succeed on a meaningful project. Women entrepreneurs create employment for themselves and dort others, sometimes in order to cater for needs a common employee status cannot fill (schedule and/or family obligations). However, it is also clear that there is a gender gap and the probability to fail si higher. What "positive action" could be imagined. Essentially training and setting up specific programs such as the ESSEC Women Entrepreneurschip program, and promoting network membership. Essentially, spreading a culture of enterprise through the education system

DE BEAUFORT, V. (2008). La création d'entreprise pour briser le plafond de verre. Les Echos, pp. 6-7.

Keywords : #Dynamique-économique, #Entreprenariat-au-féminin