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Working Papers (2007), ESSEC Business School

La création d'entreprise au féminin dans le monde occidental

The principal aim of this study is to identify the dimensions implied by female entrepreneurialism, especially its potential economic contribution to national growth, its specificities, or the analysis of public or private initiatives willing to promote it. Thus, our goal is to issue a number of hypotheses as well as warnings and recommendations for the launch of specific initiatives towards women entrepreneurship. Female entrepreneurship is often considered as an insufficiently-exploited source of economic growth. The recent evolutions of the labour market forced number of women to create their own position so that they can balance their working and family lives with the drive to succeed on a meaningful project. Women entrepreneurs create employment for themselves and for others, sometimes in order to cater for needs a common employee status cannot fill (schedule and/or family obligations). Thanks to their specificities as managers dealing with common business issues such as organisation, they also bring their own potential to society. Women need more financial supports, adapted trainings, more mentoring, and more networks to reach equal opportunities with men. Depending on each country, both cultural context and the way gender diversity is achieved have an importance in reaching this goal.

DE BEAUFORT, V. (2007). La création d'entreprise au féminin dans le monde occidental. ESSEC Business School.

Keywords : #Création-d'entreprise-au-féminin, #Dynamique-et-blocages, #tude-comparative-des-dispositifs-de-l'entrepreneur