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Journal articles (2018), MIS Quarterly

Knowledge Management Research Curation


The notions of knowledge and its management have been at the core of the information systems (IS) field almost since its inception. Knowledge has been viewed in several ways in the prior literature, including as a state of mind, an object, a process, access to information, and a capability. A commonly-used definition characterizes knowledge as a justified belief that increases an entity's capacity for effective action (Alavi and Leidner 2001, p. 109). Relatedly, knowledge management (KM) has been defined as a systemic process to acquire, organize, and communicate individual knowledge so that others may make use of it (Beck et al. 2014). Knowledge-management systems (KMSs) support these processes for creating, exchanging, and storing knowledge (Beck et al. 2014), and have been viewed as being either repository-basedor network-based (Kankanhalli et al. 2005). Link to the article

HUANG, P., KANKANHALLI, A., KYRIAKOU, H. and SABHERWAL, R. (2018). Knowledge Management Research Curation. MIS Quarterly.