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Published cases (2012), ESSEC Business School

Key account planning at Easypower

We are in 2020. EASYPOWER is an Irish group specialized in the supply of electric motorization systems of high reliability for specific mono-seat vehicles such as scooters, 3-wheelers and 4- wheelers. Cameron McAneth, Key Account Manager at EASYPOWER, has been in charge of the GOWHEEL account for two year. GOWHEEL is one of the main key accounts of EASYPOWER. This American company manufactures scooters, 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers adapted to elder or mobility-challenged people, and sells these vehicles either through internet or through a network of selective distributors, or else directly to health and hospitality services or companies such as large retailers for their own customers. Part I - Situation Analysis (1h30 face-to-face time). As part of the corporate Key Account Planning process, McAneth prepares himself to update the analysis of the key account relationship with GOWHEEL, somewhat neglected so far, in order to formulate strategic objectives. He reflects about the information needed for this exercise, the way to structure it, the necessary information sources and the way to get organized for reaching this target. Link to the article

FAUCHER, H. (2012). Key account planning at Easypower. ESSEC Business School.

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