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Press article, video or other popular media (2022), ESSEC Knowledge, pp. 3

Just make an effort or plan for "a good trip"

We’ve been conditioned to think that hard work and success go hand in hand: think Bill Gates declaring that he never took a day off in his twenties, Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that you need to spend 10,000 hours doing something to become an expert, or parents worldwide telling their children to study hard so they can do well in school and get a good job. It seems intuitive that if you make an effort, your performance will reflect that. But what does science say? In a recent paper in Organizational Dynamics, Fabrice Cavarretta explores the subtle relationship of effort and performance. Link to the article

CAVARRETTA, F. (2022). Just make an effort or plan for "a good trip". ESSEC Knowledge, pp. 3.

Keywords : #performance, #motivation, #effort