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Journal articles (2019), Journal of Corporate Real Estate, 22 (1), pp. 71-90

Internet of things technology applications in the workplace environment: a critical review


The purpose of this study is to examine the use of IoT technology (RFID technology, sensor networks, wearable devices and other smart items) in office settings and its respective impact on the optimization of employees’ productivity and workspace effectiveness. Design/methodology/approach The paper reviews 41 relevant publications reporting IoT use in office settings to identify how this technology has been applied in office settings and what topics are mostly addressed in the literature; how IoT technology improves employees’ productivity; and what the benefits and risks associated with IoT use in the workplace environment are. Findings Two main areas of application of IoT technology in the workplace environment were identified. The first one concerns the influence of the physical characteristics of workplaces on aspects related to workspace effectiveness. The second one is employee-centered and concerns the use of IoT data to identify employees’ social behavior, physiological data and emotional estates associated with productivity. IoT technology provides real-time data with speedy information retrieval. However, its deployment in office settings is not exempt from risks. Employee workplace surveillance, re-individualization of the IoT data and employee refusal of IoT technology in office settings are the main risks associated with this technology. Originality/value This literature review categorizes IoT application in office settings according to two perspectives and highlights employees' attitudes, user-experience of IoT technology and the risks associated with this technology. These results will help researchers and workplace managers interested in the deployment of this technology in the workplace environment. Link to the article

NAPPI, I. and DE CAMPOS RIBEIRO, G. (2019). Internet of things technology applications in the workplace environment: a critical review. Journal of Corporate Real Estate, 22(1), pp. 71-90.

Keywords : #employee-productivity, #internet-of-things, #IoT, #workplace-management, #smart-devices, #workplace-effectiveness