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Journal articles (2021), Gestions Hospitalières (605), pp. 207-209

Innovation : une difficile et complexe définition

This article aims to summarize the definitions of the various forms of innovation observable in the hospital world. This effort to define should make it possible to study innovation in hospitals on the basis of secondary data. A focus is also made on the notions of disruptive innovation and business model. Finally, the article concludes on the link between innovation and organizational slack. Link to the article

BOURGEON, L. (2021). Innovation : une difficile et complexe définition. Gestions Hospitalières, (605), pp. 207-209.

Keywords : #Hôpital, #Innovation, #Innovation-De-Business-Model, #Innovation-Disruptive, #Innovation-Frugale, #Innovation-Organisationnelle, #Slack-Organisationnel