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Journal articles (2008), Revue Française de Gestion, 188 (34), pp. 239-269

Gouvernance et performance

The Paris Opera House since its creation in 1669 up to present days has always be dependant on the state . But this dependency has taken different forms from the Napoléon's autocratic control to the relative autonomy of the "entrepreneur" of the 19th century. A simple model seems to link the Paris Opera's performances with the institution's autonomy from public authorities. Further explanation lies in the Opera's integration into the economic and technological environment. In particular, the Baumol's law is verified over a long period of time. After productivity gains due to the larger size of the Bastille auditorium, the Paris Opera may face new needs for an increase of public funds.

TARONDEAU, J.C. (2008). Gouvernance et performance. Revue Française de Gestion, 188(34), pp. 239-269.

Keywords : #Autonomie, #Gouvernance, #Loi-de-Baumol-et-Bowen, #Opéra-National-de-Paris, #Performance-artistique, #Performance-économique