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Book chapters (2009), Post-accession Romania: Issues and Prospects, National Bank of Romania & Vega Prod 94, pp. 234-238

European Union's Uncertain Economic Future

This chapter discusses four areas where the resolution of opposing viewpoints can lead the EU in opposite directions and either magnify or wreck its future. These are Monetary Policy and the Independance of the Central Bank, the politics of National Champions and the free movement of Capital and finally Climate change and Environmental policies

AFTALION, F. (2009). European Union's Uncertain Economic Future. In: Post-accession Romania: Issues and Prospects. 1st ed. National Bank of Romania & Vega Prod 94, pp. 234-238.

Keywords : #Banque-Centrale-Européenne, #Champions-nationaux, #Changement-Climatique, #Environnement, #Roumanie