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Book editor (2010), Éditions Management et Société (EMS)

Ethique et responsabilité sociale


"Ethics" and "social responsibility" have become for businesses, organizations and the community, two major themes of the last twenty years. The contributions in this book have the ambition to provide the reader a multiplicity of views and insights to feed their thoughts and guide its actions. The sponsors of HR, managers, experts, consultants, professional managers and staff researchers. The economic performance of organizations is, in time, separated from its commitments on the ethical and social responsibility. Sustainable development relies on the development of professional ethics and consideration by the organizations of their social responsibility.

BRY (DE), F., IGALIENS, J. and PERETTI, J.M. [Eds] (2010). Ethique et responsabilité sociale. Éditions Management et Société (EMS).

Keywords : #DRH, #Ethique, #Responsabilité-sociale