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Working Papers (1998), ESSEC Business School

Electronic Commerce on the Internet in France. An Exploratory Survey

This paper presents the results of two exploratory surveys of French firms performing electronic commerce through the Internet. The first survey was conducted during spring 1997 and the second one was renewed in spring 1998. It is based both on a direct study of the WEB sites and on a questionnaire. The study of the firms, which already have an electronic shop, leads us to some general conclusions. We show in particular that the main objectives for the firms, which have decided on electronic commerce, are mainly: - facilitating customer access to products from home, twenty-four hours a day, - increasing the number of French customers.These firms estimate that these objectives are usually reached even if they are not quantified. Our conclusions are that French firms selling on the Internet are grouped into three categories according to their previous experience with the Minitel.

BRIOLAT, D., AKOKA, J. and COMYN-WATTIAU, I. (1998). Electronic Commerce on the Internet in France. An Exploratory Survey. ESSEC Business School.